Years in the Making

Dr. Vincent Armenti

In 1990, Dr. Vincent Armenti while trying to counsel a kidney recipient about pregnancy outcomes in transplant recipients, he was struck by the lack of available data for the recipient to make an informed decision. Determined to resolve this dilemma, Dr. Armenti had the brilliant idea to pool data from all the transplant centers in North America as it was clear that no one transplant center could follow enough pregnancies to provide answers. This method of data collection would enhance the volume of data, thereby giving transplant recipients and their health providers the critical information, they had been seeking. Thus, the National Transplantation Pregnancy Registry (NTPR) was born in 1991.   Fast forward this to almost 30 years later, and the Registry has now expanded worldwide with thousands of registrants.

At the time Dr. Armenti was a transplant surgeon at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital and wanted to help recipients get the best information about pregnancy after transplantation. He had also earned his PhD is developmental anatomy and was interested in medication effects on the fetus. This was a perfect fit combing his two interests transplant and developmental anatomy. The NTPR quickly enrolled recipients and Dr. Armenti was able to publish several journal articles about the pregnancy outcomes in transplant recipients.  Dr. Armenti presented NTPR data all over the world, even before the Registry expanded to include registrants outside of North America.

Dr. Armenti was a dedicated transplant surgeon, educator, and a medical researcher.