A Growing Family Full of Hope

Ashley and Bobby knew they wanted to start a family, but didn’t know if it would be possible because of Bobby’s life-saving transplant.

Bobby, Ashley and Amara

Ashley and Bobby’s world was turned upside down when he was suddenly hospitalized and placed on life-support. A double-lung transplant became his only option for survival. Uncertain that he would receive one, he and his fiancée Ashley arranged to be married at his bedside. Right before their ceremony, doctors told Ashley and Bobby that a donor had been found and Bobby received a transplant—his second chance at life.

Bobby recovered well and he and Ashley continued their lives together doing what they loved—being outside and spending time with family and friends. They both knew they’d want to have a family one day, but didn’t know if that would be possible because of Bobby’s condition and the life-saving medications he took.

Ashley and Bobby turned to the Transplant Pregnancy Registry International to learn if it was safe to start a family…and they found out that it is possible!

“The registry was the only resource we found that could provide us with data based on studies involving fathers with transplants who take certain medications,” Ashley explains.

Two years ago, Ashley and Bobby welcomed their daughter Amara into the world. Together, they enjoy playing outside, going on walks, camping, visiting family and friends, visiting new towns, and exploring farms and kids’ museums.

Recently they found out that they have another child on the way!

“Because of Bobby’s organ donor, he is here and alive!” Ashley says. “And because of the Registry, we were able to make an informed decision about having a family after transplant.”

Ashley and Bobby are so excited for their family to grow. In the future, they hope to go on an international trip together where they can enjoy their time together and learn more about the world around them.