Heart transplant recipient Hope with her daughter Annabelle.
Heart transplant recipient Hope with her daughter Anabelle.

“Absolute pure, overwhelming joy,“ says Hope of giving birth to her daughter Anabelle. Anabelle was born after a smooth pregnancy that had been carefully monitored by a team of medical professionals, who had good reason to be cautious. Hope is a heart transplant recipient. When Hope became pregnant, she reached out to the Transplant Pregnancy Registry for information from their research and for support since her physicians had suggested terminating her pregnancy due to the potential risks.

Hope has a hard time finding the words to express her gratitude for the registry.

Each case is different and the Registry encourages recipients to rely on the expertise of their healthcare providers who know the most about a recipient’s health.The information the registry provided to Hope and her physicians contributed to Hope’s going through with her pregnancy.

She has a hard time finding the words to express her gratitude for the registry and the role it played in bringing Anabelle to their family.

Felicias daughter Jeslyn.
Felicia’s daughter Jeslyn.

Felicia is forever grateful for two healthy babies, daughter Jeslyn and son Jackson, born after her life saving liver transplant. Felicia shared that she received excellent care and monitoring during her pregnancies as well as professional and great care during delivery of both children. Felicia was in graduate school at Howard University when she starting to feel ill. She worked for 12 years as a school social worker and got married while her health was declining. She prayed and asked God to receive a liver transplant and be healthy enough to have a baby. After Felicia received her transplant she began asking for information about the safety of pregnancy post-transplant, but the doctors were resistant. The information she received from the Transplant Pregnancy Registry gave her hope and guidance. Felicia is very thankful for her health and her children.